Big Thing in Small

One up-and-coming industry attracting the attention of international companies is micro/nano engineering. A cluster has coalesced in the eastern German state of Thuringia, a part of the country best known for its excellence in optics.

Direct but Effective: German Work Culture

To foreign businesspeople expanding to the country, German workplaces may initially seem overly formal and rules-bound. But there are many advantages that benefit employers and employees alike, as human resources consultant and leadership coach Anke Wolf tells us.

Solar Start-Up Takes In EUR 100 Million

Fledgling Berlin solar energy company Enpal has announced the completion of a nine-figure round of financing. The start-up said that its business has increased dramatically since the beginning of the coronavirus, but it’s aiming for still bigger things yet to come.

Germany’s New Space Mission

Think outer space and you might not immediately think of Germany, but Europe’s largest economy is aiming to become the European center of both New Space technology and launching of microsatellites. Companies like Munich’s highly touted Isar Aerospace are flourishing thanks in part to vigorous government support for the sector. Watch our new video!

German University Invents Corona Turbo-Test

A university medical clinic in the western German city of Bonn has come up with a coronavirus test, called LAMP-Seq, that is both ultrasensitive and scalable, so that thousands of samples can be analyzed simultaneously. That gives it a huge potential for use in companies, schools and kindergartens.

Germany Offers Nearly Interest-Free Digitalization Loans

The German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the country’s business development bank, the KfW, have improved credit terms for companies looking to finance digitalization and innovation projects.

Germany’s New Space Liftoff

Germany is reaching for the stars as it embraces an increasingly vital and commercialized aerospace market. You can expect to see more and more German-based companies putting more and more satellites into orbit.

VC Fund Accel Targets German, European Start-Ups

American venture capital investor Accel is increasingly splitting its attention between both sides of the Atlantic. It has just announced parallel USD 650 million funds for Europe and Israel, on the one hand, and the US, on the other. Additionally, Accel is starting a USD 1.75 billion global growth fund.

“Commercially we have to be here to place our systems”

We asked Intuitive Surgical Germany Vice-President and General Manager Dirk Barten why Germany is just what the doctor ordered for his company.

German-Swedish “Carbon Farming“

The German subsidiary of American farming company Indigo Agriculture has teamed up with Sweden’s Wasa, the world’s largest crispbread producer, for a three-year pilot project aimed at developing organic farming methods that bind carbon dioxide in the soil while minimizing the need for pesticides and artificial fertilizers.