EUR 300m VC Fund to Boost German Space Startups

Newly founded venture capital provider Einstein Industries Ventures says it will invest EUR 300 million in promising young German New Space companies. The fund made the announcement at the ongoing ILA Aerospace Trade Fair in Berlin.

German Start-Ups Raise Nine-Figure Sums

Our bimonthly list of some of the biggest funding rounds for German start-ups features a “super 7” of young companies involved in digitalization, networking, automotive subscription services and renewable energy.

Demand Explodes for Solar Installations in Germany

Germany’s Federal Statistical Office reports impressive rises in the number of businesses and households getting electricity from solar installation.

Jülich to Get Jupiter Supercomputer

Germany’s excellence as a research and scientific location has been further bolstered by the news that the country’s most prominent computer center in Jülich will receive Europe’s first Exascale supercomputer.

Private Investment Discovers European Renewables

The world’s largest assets manager Blackrock has launched a new initiative, the “Peretual Infrastructure Strategy,” aimed at promoting a climate-neutral economy.

German Electronic Security Market Now Worth Almost EUR 5 Billion

Germany’s leading electronics trade organization zvei and the country’s national association for security technology bhe say that the sector grew 4.5 percent in 2021, reaching a record value of EUR 4.9 billion.

Semi-Public Tech VC Closes at over EUR 400 Million

The fourth edition of High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF – High Tech Founders Fund) has concluded its first closing with a pledged volume of EUR 420 million.

Lessons Learned from a Pandemic

Coronavirus restrictions have provided a huge boost to the digital learning sector in Germany,
shaking the country out of its traditional approach to education. Online learning companies
can now benefit from a range of government programs.

Germany to Get Europe’s Largest Solar Park

Ground has been broken south of Leipzig at the site of what will become 650 MW, 500-hectare photovoltaic facility. The solar park is being constructed at a former brown coal opencast mine.

German Scientific Discovery Could Enhance Cancer Immunotherapy

Researchers at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC) in Berlin have identified a gene, EBAG9, that “disarms” the immune response to cancer cells. By switching off the gene, scientists believe they can better harness the body’s T cells for targeted immunotherapies.