German Retail Turnover in 2021 Expected to Set Record

The Federal Statistical Office says that according to initial estimates, German retailers notched up a new record revenue level in 2021.

Top Investments 2021 in Bavaria

Despite the continuing adverse impact in 2021 of the Covid pandemic on global fdi activity, Bavaria again succeeded to attract companies from around the globe.

Germany Redoubles Emphasis on Wind Energy

The new German government wants to put the wind back in the sails of the country’s production of renewable energy. And one major component of that policy is wind energy itself.

Best of 2021

Throughout 2021, this website featured more than 330 articles and videos about Germany as a business and high-tech location. Below is a list so that you can catch up on anything you might have missed.

Berlin Scientists Draw Connection Between Covid-19 and Immune System

Researchers at the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) and the Charité Hospital, together with colleagues from university hospitals in Bonn and Aachen, have linked a certain type of T cells with especially deadly cases of the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Germany Extends Program to Help SMEs Digitalize

The Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action has allocated a further EUR 72 million to its “go-digital” program, which will now run until 2024.

German Ministry Funds Three New Covid-19 Treatments

Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research is investing EUR 24.3 million in Covid-19 medication candidates being developed by the pharmaceutical companies Proteo Biotech, rnatics and Evotec International.

German University Develops Anti-Viral Light Curtain

Researchers at the Tropical Institute of the Ludwig Maximillian University (LMU) Clinic in Munich have come up with a novel way to prevent the spread of virus-carrying aerosols: a pathogen-killing barrier of ultraviolet light.

Top Investment 2021 in Schleswig-Holstein

The Estonian Insta Globe Engineering OÜ, an internationally recognized industrial service provider for electrotechnical installations and commissioning in shipbuilding and mechanical and plant engineering, founded Insta Globe Engineering Deutschland GmbH in Kiel at the beginning of 2021.

German Economic Ministry Allocates EUR 900 Million for H2Global

Germany’s Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action has approved nearly a billion euros in hydrogen support funds as part of the government’s H2Global project.