Sustainable Telecommunications

Germany’s telecom companies are going green, converting to clean energy to power their networks, antennas, servers and shops.

Made to Measure

Buying footwear over the Internet normally involves a certain amount of risk. Cologne start-up OneFID solves developed a digital app that allows buyers to scan their feet, so that the shoes they order is guaranteed not to pinch their toes or chafe their heels.

German Millions for LNG Tank Vessel Infrastructure

In an effort to kick start liquid natural gas in Germany, the Bundestag has allocated EUR 135 million to underwrite LNG tank vessel infrastructure. At present there are no LNG terminals in Germany, something the government hopes to change.

Drone Safety Program

According to a raft of prognoses, German skies will become increasingly populated by unmanned aircraft – drones – in the years to come. That raises questions of how to ensure safety and practicality, so that drones reach their destinations unharmed.

German Heating Milestones

Germany is making impressive progress in its drive to increase the efficiency of home and commercial heating, a number of recent studies indicate.

Seeing Clearly Through Corona

One minor but constant inconvenience of the coronavirus pandemic – at least for the many people without perfect vision – is that face masks cause their glasses to fog up.

Hydrogen from Helgoland

Germany’s loan high-seas island, Helgoland, may be pretty tiny, but it could play a not insubstantial role in the country’s clean energy future.

Converting Industrial Heat into Electricity

An estimated 45 percent of high-temperature process heat in Germany is simply lost in the atmosphere. Heat recovery is playing a crucial role, as wasted heat can be converted into electricity. Some solutions are already being used and the demand for waste heat recovery is constantly growing. Watch our video.

Public Transport Deliveries

With many urban areas increasing in population and roads and other traffic routes becoming more congested, Germany’s Transportation and Digital Infrastructure Minister Andreas Scheuer has called for a rethink on how deliveries are made.

Top Investment 2020 in Schleswig-Holstein

The Latvian startup Maritime Digital relocated its headquarters from Riga to Lübeck in August 2020.