AirBnB for Outdoor Advertising

The billboard business in Germany is relatively conservative, with the same traditional, analogue-oriented players dominating the sector even in the digital age. That’s something that Berlin digital outdoor-advertising start-up Hygh aims to change.

Floating Solar Power Facilities

Photovoltaic panels soaking up the sun’s rays are a phenomenon we usually associate with land. But floating facilities are becoming a trend in both Europe and Germany.

Persistence in a Pandemic

As cases of Covid-19 surged again across the world last fall, German authorities took quick action to limit infection numbers. The measures were typical of Germany’s response to the unprecedented situation: attempting to balance economic concerns with necessary and timely health interventions.

Adaptive Thinking

How one British-German designer’s problem-solving acuity opened the door to Europe for selling Covid-adapted backpacks

Kurzarbeit In Practice

How a venerable German company used the government’s furlough program to maintain production and retain its workforce

Taking Advantage of Emergency Credit

How a family-run carpentry shop in Braunschweig – which exceeded its 2019 turnover in November 2020 – stayed solvent and got through the worst of the economic disruption

Leveraging German Expertise

How Swiss pharma group Roche is accelerating antibody and antigen testing for Covid-19 by investing heavily in its German facilities

Scientists Without Borders

How Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine breakthrough was achieved together with a previously obscure Mainz-based firm, BioNTech, which is now worth over a billion euros

Carrying On in Times of Corona

How an international green energy company is pushing ahead with expansion into Germany and starting production of hydrogen electrolyzers

The ABCs of CBD

One hot start-up sector in Germany at the moment is products made from the cannabis derivative cannabidiol or CBD. Evidence suggests that CBD can alleviate disorders ranging from anxiety and insomnia to epilepsy without creating dependence or having intoxicating effects.