Oney Bank Comes to Germany

As part of a general European expansion, France’s Oney Bank is opening a German subsidiary in Munich.

From Tailored Shirts to Corona Masks

The name van Laack is known throughout Germany as a producer of bespoke business apparel and fashion, but the venerable firm has found a lucrative and rather more populist market during the corona virus pandemic: face masks.

Biotech Matchmaking

As Europe’s largest medical biotech market, Germany continues to attract foreign investment thanks to its many established companies and dynamic start-up sector. Gradian Diagnostics’ recent acquisition of Molzym is a fine example of international matchmaking, facilitated by Germany Trade & Invest.

Germany Going Big On Home Office

Amidst the coronavirus crisis, record numbers of people in Germany are now working remotely, and indications are that this will be a long-term trend in the country.

Chinese billions for German battery plant

Chinese battery manufacturer SVOLT Energy Technology Company is establishing a new two-billion-euro facility for producing cobalt-free lithium-ion batteries in the German state of Saarland.

Bringing AI to the Soccer Pitch

To get good results you need good strategy, both in business and sports. That was what led Hyunwook Kang to move his artificial-intelligence-based soccer analysis platform bepro11 from Seoul to Hamburg in 2017.

Hitting the Gas: H2 Is the Future

With billions of euros in government investment and ample infrastructure already in place, Germany’s hydrogen sector is the next big thing. Foreign investors are actively encouraged to join the country’s hydrogen revolution.

Electronics Sales Up in Germany

One sector in Germany that is profiting from the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic is electronics.

Tier Scooters Sweep Up $250 Million

Japanese high-tech investor Softbank is putting USD 250 million into the German firm “Tier” and its fleet of vaguely fluorescent aquamarine vehicles

Crisis Drives Sustainable Thinking

Judith Herzog-Kuballa, sustainability and CSR consultant for Germany’s Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), argues that the corona pandemic has shown the need to combine environmental consciousness with responsible business practices.