Japan and Germany Bond Over Robots

German installations of industrial robots have remained basically steady, which is good news for partners like Japan, whose own sector struggled.

New Figures Show Massive Rise in VC Investment in German Start-Ups

The amount of venture capital pumped into fledgling German companies in the first three-quarters of 2021 was 70 percent more than all of 2020 – that’s according to figures compiled by the online business magazine Pitchbook.

Germany’s Quantum Future

Faster, more powerful and smarter – that’s what Germany is aiming to become by supporting the development of quantum supercomputers. International quantum hardware and application companies are starting to take notice.

German Energy Giant to Invest Billions in Power Grid

EUR 27 billion – that’s how much leading energy company E.on says it’s prepared to put into Germany’s transition to green energy, with the lion’s share of that money going to improving the country’s power grid.

“Companies are thinking about how to reduce supply-chain dependency”

Restricted mobility due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent supply bottlenecks have underscored the advantages of 3D printing – and that’s not the technology’s only benefit.

Germany Leads the European EV Market

A new study published by Center of Automotive Management (CAM) and pollsters YouGov – the Electric Car Market & Innovation Report 2021 – confirms Germany’s predominance in the European electric vehicle sector.

US Food Delivery Service DoorDash Enters German Market

Cyclists delivering food have become an everyday feature of German life, but the young man pedaling around on his DoorDash bike on November 20 in Stuttgart was anything but an ordinary courier.

Making the Right Connections

Germany’s Digital Hub Initiative offers international companies significant advantages when it comes to building partnerships and driving innovation. Two examples from software and customer support services illustrate how the system works.

Sunny Days Again for German Solar

The solar industry in Germany has emerged from a period of slow growth and is back on track, thanks to the country’s ambitious climate goals and a little help from international companies.

Incentives: Sorting Through the System

Germany offers an extensive system of financial incentives for investors of all shapes and sizes, but a little legwork is required to find the right support program. Germany Trade & Invest’s finance and incentives expert Daniel Stephens considers the best way to do it.