Tchibo Sustainability

September 2019

Hamburg-based coffee, clothing and household goods retailer Tchibo has come up with an innovative way to promote ecological awareness.

As part of its “Sustainable Living. Every Day” campaign, the company is erecting cardboard “Houses of Sustainability” in 8,000 stores across Germany. Each 24-square-meter house can feature everything from originally grown coffee to pleated skirts made of PET bottles.

“Sustainability is the company’s DNA,” says Tchibo Director of Corporate Responsibility Nanda Bergstein.

The company rents sustainably-produced baby and children’s clothing made of organic cotton. Around 86 per cent of the cotton processed by Tchibo comes from sustainably certified sources and 51 different types of coffee are grown sustainably. The company is also targeting a 40 per cent reduction on its 2006 level of CO2 emissions in its supply chain by 2020.

“House of Sustainability” © Tchibo GmbH