Telemedicine on the Rise

March 2019

Telemedicine is making further inroads into the German healthcare system, which could enjoy annual savings of EUR 5.6 billion as a result, according to the consultancy McKinsey & Company.

As of October 2018, seven of Germany’s 16 federal states permit remote medical treatment via digital means. This trend is giving rise to more and more providers of telemedicine services.

For example, the Berlin-based startup Cara Care offers a digital therapy that alleviates the symptoms of digestive disorders for 86 percent of the patients who use its service, which includes a mix of app-based questionnaire and “food diary” as well as individual analyses and consultations with nutrition advisers via video chat.

Likewise, the Munich-based startup Teleclinic allows people with private health insurance to consult doctors via smartphone app, video calls, chats and normal telephone calls. The costs are already covered by the insurance providers Gothaer and Central just as a traditional visit to the doctor’s office, and additional providers will reportedly be following suit in the near future.

Data synchronization of health book between smartwatch and smartphone © Alexey Boldin/iStock