Test Success: Making Glass with Green Hydrogen

March 2021

The Kopernikus Projekte P2X, an initiative of the German Ministry of Research and Education, says that for the first time ever glass has been made using green hydrogen as a heat source. That was after an eight-week test run at a factory operated by German glassmaker SCHOTT.

Glass production requires temperatures of 1600 degrees Celsius. Usually such heat generated is by burning natural gas, which results in high CO2 emissions. Germany has Europe’s leading glass industry, with an annual output of seven million tons and EUR 10 billion in turnover. The downside is five million tons of greenhouse gas per year.

The glass produced by burning green hydrogen is comparable in quality to conventionally made glass. P2X is now planning further tests to determine whether the steam resulting from burning hydrogen has any negative effect on glassmakers’ ability to conform to set specifications.

Melting glass © SCHOTT AG/Alexander Sell