Testing Autonomy

December 2019

The German capital Berlin has equipped a stretch of road to test autonomous and networked driving.

Researchers installed more than one hundred sensors along 3.6 kilometers of the downtown thoroughfare, Strasse des 17. Juni, between the Brandenburg Gate and Ernst-Reuter-Platz square. The sensors communicate with specially outfitted vehicles driving along the route.

The federal government is investing 4.6 million euros in the project, which aims to make urban driving safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Test data will be made available to private companies.

50 terabytes of data are collected from the test stretch of road every day. That’s equivalent to the memory banks of 50 to 200 notebook computers.

German Transport and Digital Infrastructure Minister Andreas Scheuer has called the project an “open-air digital laboratory” for modern mobility.

Berlin, Strasse des 17. Juni © Wikipedia