From Cyberpunk to Wild West: The 2021 German Computer Game Prize Winners

April 2021

Germany’s Ministry of Transportation and Digital Infrastructure, together with the Association of the German Games Industry and the Foundation for Digital Gaming Culture, have handed out their yearly accolades. At an online ceremony on April 13, awards worth EUR 790,000 were made in 15 categories to some of the country’s top designers, players and studios.

It was a very good night for Munich’s Mimimi. It was named Studio of the Year, and its Wild West-inspired Desperados 3 took Game of the Year honors. At the other end of the cultural spectrum, ION LANDS from Berlin won the prize for “Best Game World and Aesthetic” for Cloudpunk, which takes place in a dystopian Blade Runner-esque urban landscape of the future.

Germany has been the fifth largest gaming market in the world and largest in Europe, with more than 34 million people in the country regularly playing video games. In 2020, the sector did EUR 8.3 billion Euros in revenue – an annual increase of a 32 percent. Some of this was down to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Even before the pandemic, the games industry was on the rise,” Mimimi founder Johannes Roth told the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. “And because of corona, more people have started to play. That’s not surprising when they’re sitting around the house all the time.”

Game of the Year 2021 © Mimimi