The Car That Cares

Digital healthcare hits the road as Audi invests in medical mobility solutions and launches an in-car product that can monitor the mental and physical fitness of the driver.

February, 2017

Audi is taking networked driving up a gear by monitoring drivers’ health and even helping them to feel better. Sensors integrated into the Audi Fit Driver can tell whether the wearer is tired and take automatic “biofeedback” measures to pep them up – such as making the car colder, brighter or even louder.

And if the driver’s blood pressure goes up, the onboard computer can initiate some relaxing breathing exercises. The iconic, Ingolstadt-based car maker has also co-founded the Flying Health Incubator in Berlin to foster more digital health innovations. One of its start-ups is focused on allowing people to virtually visit the doctor from the comfort of their own car. Audi also wants to design a car that pulls over and calls for assistance if the driver has a medical emergency.

© Audi AG

25 per cent

Drivers falling asleep cause 25 per cent of all fatal car accidents on German motorways.

Source: ADAC (General German Automobile Club)