The Mobile Forest Parks up

January, 2018

Air pollution is a growing problem in cities worldwide, but few of them have enough room to plant more air-purifying trees. So the Berlin-based startup Green City Solutions has devised a solution that saves space, time and, ultimately, lives. Its mobile “CityTree” is a four-meter-high wall holding 1,600 moss-filled plant boxes that provide the same environmental benefits of up to 275 urban trees – year-round and on just 3.5 sqm of ground space.

While binding harmful particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and CO2, it releases oxygen and cools the ambient air. Integrated IoT technology analyzes and visualizes data about the device and its surroundings. Optional extras include benches, advertising monitors and independent energy and water provision from integrated solar panels and tanks.

The founders in front of their “CityTree.” From left: Peter Singer, Victor Splittger, Zhengliang Wu, Dénes Honus.

© Green City Solutions

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