A Unicorn for Duisburg

February 2020

The western German city of Duisburg is getting a unicorn. US company ThoughtSpot, a leading provider of search- and AI-based analyses for businesses, has established its headquarters for German-speaking Europe in the city’s downtown port district, in sthe Accelerator Startport.

The expansion comes after ThoughtSpot raised an addition 248 million dollars in Series E funding, taking its total value to nearly 2 billion dollars.

ThoughtSpot says it indeed put a lot of thought into picking its German location.

“Because companies in German-speaking Europe are trying to change the way they use data,” ThoughtSpot experienced a growth explosion last year,” explains ThoughtSpot Regional Director Christian Werling. “North Rhine-Westphalia is a dynamic business location and is perfect for growing our business in German-speaking Europe. It’s not only one of Europe’s biggest industrial regions but has a broad range of universities, ensuring qualified specialists, and is ideally connected with its two major airports.”

© Gerd Altmann on Pixabay