Three-Quarters of German Homes are Heat-Pump-Compatible

October 2022

A new study has found that 75 percent of residential buildings in Germany are capable of using one form or another of heat-pump technology.

The study was carried out by the independent energy research institution FfE Munich. It is also developing an interactive map of Germany with traffic-light colors indicating whether individual buildings are heat-pump-compatible.

Using algorithms, the study determined that 65 percent of homes would be able to use air-source heat pumps, 47 percent ground source heat pumps, 37 percent solar ice storage heat pumps and 24 percent ground collector heat pumps.

There are around 19 million residential buildings in Germany, which use roughly one million heat pumps – or only approximately five percent. The German government has set a target of six million heat pumps in the country by 2030. Leading heat pump manufacturers in Germany report unprecedented demand and are already planning to expand.

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