What Developers Praise About Saarland

January, 2018

Numerous developer companies have opted for employees from Germany’s Saarland and have made the choice to settle there. The same also goes for specialists from fields such as IT and the life sciences. This is no surprise, as Saarland’s university landscape features excellent research with an international reputation in these areas. In the IT sector alone, companies located by the Saar are cooperating with corporations such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook – as well as with 2,600 students from 31 countries and more than 600 researchers spread across eight world-renowned IT institutes.

In addition to recruiting exceptionally-trained staff, many companies are also looking for a site for their headquarters in this state with short travel distances, within sight of its neighbours France and Luxembourg.

The Science Park building. University entrance in the background  © gwSaar/ScienceParkSaar

For example, Daimler’s wholly-owned subsidiary Protics has opted for a Saar site and celebrated its opening in October. The company chose the Science Park Saar on the university campus in Saarbrücken, where its teams now work on future digital projects for the car manufacturer in 180m2 of offices. This has created 20 jobs, with the prospect of more to come.

Daimler Protics opening in October 2017 (left to right): Ute Petersen (gwSaar authorised officer), Ralph Krückel (CFO Daimler Protics), Martina Salerno-Schwarz (gwSaar sales), Stefan Rosenwald (CEO Daimler Protics) © gwSaar/Daimler Protics

The company originally began 15 years ago with 13 employees. Daimler Protics GmbH has been continually growing ever since, and now employs more than 500 specialists and has an annual turnover of around 50 million euros. Its core competence is product data management, in other words it processes huge quantities of data in the field of vehicles and also enables production processes to be visualized.

Other companies which have moved into the Science Park Saar right next to Saarland University this year include NEOCOSMO GmbH, one of Europe’s leading providers of e-learning solutions.

In its 154m2 offices, the company tackles the potential of a modern learning and working world 4.0. Their services include creating digital magazines and video portals.

The Australian engineering company miniFAB has also opted for office space in Saarbrücken’s corporate and entrepreneurial centre, where they take advantage of their close proximity to university research. They primarily deal with the customer-specific development and manufacture of microstructured products for industry and research.

Blue Filtration GmbH (an associated partner of CERAFILTEC, one of the world’s leading providers) another member of the research and development sector has also set up shop in the Science Park. Around half of the space they have leased is laboratory space, where the engineering firm develops engineering processes and in particular filtration processes for water and wastewater treatment.

In the foyer of the Science Park Saar building © gwSaar/ScienceParkSaar

About the Science Park Saar

The Park is ideally equipped for research-oriented companies, located as it is a stone’s throw away from the university campus in Saarbrücken. This offers companies huge potential, as well as excellently trained and highly motivated experts. The park is open to young companies which maintain close contact with research. Attractive spaces and extensive consulting services ensure ideal growth potential for technology-oriented companies.

The Science Park Saar’s corporate landscape is shaped by computing, multimedia, IT and telecommunications services on the one hand and biotechnology on the other.

All of these companies value the pooling of resources on a single, ideally located site. In the words of Stefan Rosenwald, CEO Daimler Protics, they are striving to ‘establish a fertile long-term interface between research and teaching in the location of Saarbrücken’.