Top Investment 2017 in Saxony

January, 2018

Europe’s largest farm for edible mushrooms is currently under construction in the North Saxon city of Torgau. Investor the South Korean Green Co. Ltd. corporation is the market leader for industrial mushroom production in Europe and operates ten of these facilities in its home country already. Two additional mushroom farms have been built in China, and four in other European regions. The facility in Torgau is now to become Europe’s most modern mushroom farm.

Together with its Chinese sales partner, the South Korean investor joined forces with the “Mushroom Park GmbH” corporation and acquired about 6 hectares of land from the Great County Seat Torgau under this company name. The official groundbreaking ceremony was held in February. The facility has a surface area of almost 7,000 square meters and a height of 23 meters. Approximately 40 grow rooms for cultivated mushrooms are being built on two floors.

The completion of the facility is scheduled for the end of 2017. About 100 new jobs will be created.

Primarily king trumpet mushrooms are to be grown in Torgau. Their cultivation is complex and elaborate, because strict hygiene standards need to be met and ideal climatic and growing conditions have to be created. The mushrooms are grown in special substrate containers whichare constantly kept in motion with lifts and hoists. The facility’s special feature: no chemicals are needed for the cultivation. In other words, the mushrooms are pure organic products.

When the facility is put into operation in the spring of 2018, about 10 tons of gourmet mushrooms will be harvested every day and sold throughout Europe, a great advantage for the market leader as it will not only reduce the transportation costs, it will also be possible to score lots of points with distributors and consumers with added freshness for the products.

With a share of slightly above eight percent of the total turnover of Saxony’s manufacturing industry, the Saxon food industry is an important economic factor. In 2016, about 20,000 people were employed in more than 360 food and beverage producing enterprises with more than 20 employees.

The investment was assisted and supported by Nordsachsen County, the Great County Seat Torgau, and the Saxony Economic Development Corporation (WFS).