EnspireME in Jardelund: The Beating Heart of Germany’s Energy Transition


November, 2017

Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) constructed Europe’s largest battery, known as EnspireME, in Germany. With this battery, they can deliver reserve capacity to the European power grid. Additionally, both parties are currently investigating the option of storing surplus energy produced by local wind farms.

Germany’s energy transition has made it a leader in sustainable energy production; a growing number of wind turbines and solar panels are producing energy that is slowly replacing the supply generated by the country’s existing fossil fuel-based power plants. These existing power plants still have a role to play, however: They keep the electrical grid balanced by providing reserve capacity. The new battery system can take over this role as primary reserve, offering a sustainable alternative to the reserve capacity currently provided by coal and gas power plants.

The close proximity of an electrical substation allows the battery to combat the loss of energy – known as wattless power – in the substation. The battery will initially be used in the primary reserve market, where grid operators can purchase the reserve capacity they need to guarantee the required 50-hertz frequency in the power grid.

Key Facts

Battery: Lithium-ion system

Battery output: 48 MW

Storage capacity >50 MWh

Study: Storing Local Wind Energy

Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation are also investigating how wind parks can be connected to the battery; the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein is providing support for the study. If a local wind park overproduces, or if the power grid is overloaded, wind energy can be stored in part of the battery, reducing the load on the power grid. The system also has financial benefits for wind park owners – the stored wind energy can be offered on the market at the most opportune moment.

Energy Storage Technology

The battery is a lithium-ion system with an output of 48 MW and a storage capacity of more than 50 MWh – comparable to the average power consumption of more than 5,300 German households for one day. The battery system, along with its power conversion system and operating system, is supplied by NEC Energy Systems, a provider of large energy storage systems.

EnspireME GmbH location: 24994 Jardelund, Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg, Germany

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