Chez nous en Saar

December, 2018

Saarland is a hub and a sought-after gateway for companies wanting to serve the west and south European markets. The French and Luxembourgish borders are just a stone’s throw away from industrial areas, with links to the German and French motorway networks very close by. This is valued highly by increasingly international groups such as market-leading kitchen provider Nobilia from East Westphalia, which has opted for a 29-hectare site in Saarland.

Vast dimensions

In the spring of 2018, kitchen manufacturer Nobilia opted for one of the largest development sites in south-west Germany – the Lisdorfer Berg industrial area near Saarlouis. The company is establishing its new, large production facility here on a 29-hectare site. Nobilia will be building its factory in stages, requiring a large number of skilled workers over the course of the investment. The anticipated 1,000 new jobs will cover the traditional needs of a production company: highly-trained specialists in the field of production, through to department heads, project managers and so on.

Nobilia currently produces 675,000 kitchens, 6.75 million cupboards and 1.5 million worktops per year from its two factories in Verl, East Westphalia. Around 3,100 kitchens and 31,200 cupboards are made every day. The company invested a total of 105 million euros last year.

The close proximity to the French border was particularly important to the company, as the company’s export sales are concentrated in neighbouring European countries, with French business the primary focus at 42%. The top location reduces transport routes and delivery times, optimising logistics. Saarland also has a well-structured pool of skilled personnel, another deciding factor. Proximity to the French border also therefore made this an excellent starting point, as many companies – including Nobilia – need French-speaking staff in a wide variety of fields.  The entire region thus offers ideal conditions for business and growth.

© gwSaar/Nobilia

Wanted – and found in Saarland

After establishing a distribution facility in Saarbrücken the previous year, Nobilia then began its search once again across the rest of south-west Germany and subsequently in Saarland. They were looking for the right location for a large production site very close to France.

‘… The Saarland authorities’ well thought-out, swift service and short routes also made many things easier. Saarland is therefore a key building block for our future success’, says Nobilia management spokesman Dr. Lars M. Bopf. They were also particularly impressed with how quickly they were able to talk to decision-makers in Saar.

This forms part of gwSaar’s support services: they work with the SHS group to help companies to find the right location. Their comprehensive service under one roof covers every step in the process, from initial advice through to developed commercial premises and turnkey real estate in top locations. 

Germany‘s Saarland – the modern industrial site of the future…

Given its links to the business centres of Europe and in particular its perfect location on the French border, Germany’s Saarland is the perfect base for serving the entire European market in under 18 hours’ driving time by truck.

…with excellent research

Leibniz, DFKI, Max-Planck or Helmholtz – our research institutes are world leaders promoting outstanding developments. They also produce highly-qualified graduates for the labour market, as industrial tradition and cutting-edge technologies go hand in hand here. This is what makes business in Saarland so diverse and exciting.