Saarland Impresses: Chinese High-Tech Company Invests up to Two Billion Euros

January 2021

Saarland is ideal for anyone seeking the perfect location to boost their company’s performance and enable them to swiftly serve the western European market. Here in Germany’s Saarland, in this southwestern region just a stone’s throw away from the French and German borders, companies enjoy optimal transport connections with access to European road networks as well as rail, flight and waterways.

The region also has a highly qualified workforce with industry experience. In addition, local companies have access to world-renowned institutes with cutting edge research right on their doorstep.


Winner out of over 30 regions

These are just some of the elements that impressed the global high-tech company SVOLT Energy Technology Europe when they were looking for the perfect European location: after reviewing more than 30 regions across Europe, this Chinese corporate group opted for Saarland.

The SVOLT group, a spin-off from Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall Motors, develops and produces high-quality lithium-ion batteries and battery systems for electric vehicles, as well as energy storage systems and the corresponding software solutions. SVOLT will be producing in Saarland battery cells, modules and high-voltage batteries (packs) for electric vehicles. The company is planning a total investment of up to two billion euros, and wants to create up to 2,000 jobs by the Saar during the final phase of expansion.

To do so, the company is investing in two Saarland locations: in Heusweiler a module and pack factory is being built on the 50,000 m² site of a disused laminate production facility. The plan is to reuse the existing infrastructure as sustainably and flexibly as possible. Production is due to start in mid-2022.

Überherrn will be gaining a cell factory with a production capacity of 24 GWh during the final phase of the expansion. This represents batteries for 300,000 to 500,000 electric vehicles per year. The two sites are just 30 km apart, typical of Saarland’s short distances.

Kai-Uwe Wollenhaupt, President of SVOLT Europe & Vice President of SVOLT Energy Technology: ‘We ultimately opted for Saarland. Firstly, it offers highly qualified staff. In addition, we were impressed by the central location at the heart of Europe’s economic area, the excellent infrastructure, and the thriving and inspiring environment with internationally successful companies.’

SVOLT has entrusted the construction and turnkey delivery of both factories to SHS Strukturholding Saar. This state-owned holding company (to which the gwSaar Saarland Economic Promotion Corporation also belongs) is the perfect partner and door opener for international investors from all sectors when it comes to activities on the German market. Its comprehensive range of services ensures that foreign companies such as SVOLT are fully supported with their move: from initial location advice through to developing turnkey real estate.

Germany’s Saarland – the modern industrial site of the future…

Given its links to the business centres of Europe and in particular its perfect location on the French border, Germany’s Saarland is the ideal base for serving the entire European market in under 18 hours’ driving time by truck.

…with excellent research

Leibniz, DFKI, Max-Planck or Helmholtz – our research institutes are world leaders promoting outstanding developments. They also produce highly-qualified graduates for the labour market, as industrial tradition and cutting-edge technologies go hand in hand here. This is what makes business in Saarland so diverse and exciting.