Latvian Maritime Digital GmbH Moves from Riga to Lübeck

The startup for maritime digitization relocated its headquarters to Lübeck in August 2020.

February 2021

“Moving is not an easy process: It’s about a new country with new rules and traditions, with new laws and new people. For us, it began with a warm welcome meeting with the team of the Economic Development Agency Schleswig-Holstein WTSH, and competent, effective support during a complicated process,” says company founder Ivan Ladan. “The way in which the WTSH team supported us is a very positive example of best practice.”

The Marine Digital GmbH (MD)is specialized in digitization and artificial intelligence in the maritime industry. The latest innovation: an AI-based system for fuel optimization on cargo ships. This software system enables shipowners to track, measure and display the exact amount of fuel used. External parameters that influence fuel consumption, such as weather or currents, can also be collected and used to analyze fuel consumption. Based on all this information, the system creates the optimal route for the ship. The solution should be integrated into the required systems already installed on ships and can show a number of possible routes to save fuel.

For MD, Lübeck was the logical choice as a strong maritime location with port and port logistics. In addition, there is a strong AI competence at the University of Lübeck, so that possible future collaborations are possible. “We chose Lübeck for several reasons, says Ivan Ladan. “On the one hand because of the advantageous maintenance costs for our company, on the other hand because of the good access to potential customers, such as ship management companies. We also have the opportunity to recruit students and doctoral candidates from the local universities. “For us, these are the best steps towards growth.” The young founder was also impressed by the ferry service to the Baltic States and, last but not least, the company founder Ladan finds that Lübeck is very livable.

© Marine Digital GmbH

Digitization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the maritime industry are among the most important,  greatest challenges in the industry. There is no doubt that the maritime industry also needs more investments in digitization and AI in order to be internationally competitive in the future. From port logistics to software and to fuel savings, there are many areas of application for digitization in the maritime economy that are already visible. The need to implement digitization measures and the use of AI in the maritime industry will increase – and with it the need for service providers. From now on, decisive know-how and service for this will come from this aspiring young start-up from Lübeck.