From the Baltic States to Schleswig-Holstein – Estonian Industrial Service Povider Settles in Kiel

The Estonian Insta Globe Engineering OÜ, an internationally recognized industrial service provider for electrotechnical installations and commissioning in shipbuilding and mechanical and plant engineering, founded Insta Globe Engineering Deutschland GmbH in Kiel at the beginning of 2021.

December 2021

In the center of the German shipping industry, the newly founded company will develop solutions for the digitalization of their installation and commissioning processes for the maritime industry and implement them together with the customers.

With “InstaComm”, Insta Globe Engineering has developed a digital, cloud-based application or commissioning software, for transforming and digitizing paper-based commissioning processes and documentation. The advantage lies in the creation of transparent real-time information for project management. The complete project management of the customers is centralized and the work processes are made considerably more efficient.

The team of Insta Globe Engineering © Insta Globe Engineering

Insta Globe Engineering has been working for years with global customers and German companies  from the marine and offshore industry in the field of electrical installation. The positive feedback and the constantly growing demand from customers and partners for innovative digital solutions has induced Insta Globe Engineering to a stronger presence in Germany in order to promote the digital transformation in shipbuilding and the offshore industry from here.

When choosing the location for a German branch, the location of Schleswig-Holstein with its close transport and cultural links to Estonia was definitely an important criterion. In addition, the company was impressed by the good infrastructure for opening up further target markets throughout Europe, including the entire Baltic Sea region and Scandinavia. Above all, however, the proximity to the shipyards in northern Germany was decisive. From the new location in Kiel, the German business partners and clients in shipbuilding can be taken care of much better and the market share can be optimally expanded.

Ivo Pukk, Managing Director Insta Globe Engineering © Insta Globe Engineering

In addition to good market access and suitable location conditions, Schleswig-Holstein also offers excellent support for technology companies. “In this context, the active cluster landscape in Schleswig-Holstein should certainly be mentioned as a further plus. The fact that the industry clusters relevant to us are all bundled and cross-linked under theroof at WTSH makes it easier for us – also when looking for interesting cooperation partners for the further development of our international activities, ”explains Ivo Pukk, Managing Director Insta Globe Engineering. He emphasizes that Insta Globe Engineering is looking for new partners in Schleswig-Holstein and Germany to work together to develop digital technical monitoring and inspection products and to jointly find solutions for the digitization of industrial processes in the areas of shipbuilding, renewable energies and onshore energy .

The successful settlement of Insta Globe Engineering in Schleswig-Holstein came about through the intensive cooperation between the team of WTSH settlement advice and the branch clusters Maritime Economy Schleswig-Holstein and Digital Economy Schleswig-Holstein (DiWiSH). The first contact took place in July 2020 via the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), which is also located at WTSH.

Profile: Insta Globe Engineering OÜ

Location: Kiel / Tallinn

Employees: 75

Foundation: 2016

Industry: maritime economy / digital economy

Services: digital solutions for shipbuilding, maritime industry

The company offers its services in the following three areas:

– Shipbuilding:

– Mechanical and plant engineering:

– Maritime economic solutions for the digitization of installation and commissioning processes: