Vestas Expands Production with an Innovation in Lauchhammer

The new “super-long” rotor blades will also be produced in Lauchhammer, Brandenburg, Danish wind turbine pioneer Vestas decided in 2017.

January, 2018

Vestas wants to build its largest rotor blades for use on land in Lauchhammer, thereby creating 300 new jobs. 150 temporary employees will get a permanent contract, and another 150 people are to be hired. The new blades are now the fifth model to be produced there.

Vestas has been producing the blades for the 2 MW and 3 MW platforms at the Lauchhammer site for 15 years, which are delivered from there to all over the world. The new rotor blade is a process innovation that was developed and patented by Vestas and which has now gone into series production at the Lauchhammer site for the first time in Europe. The peculiarity of the blade is the structure shell, which is manufactured using hybrid technology. The production procedure can connect to the efficiency of the production process of previous generations. In addition, the new production technology of the V136 rotor blades enables a capacity expansion at the location without significant building extensions.

The huge, 67-meter-long rotor blades are almost as long as a jumbo jet, and the rotor diameter of a wind turbine is 136 metres, almost as much as the height of the Berlin radio tower. The company currently offers even larger rotors for use only in the sea. The formula is simple: the larger the wind turbine, the greater the energy gains. The wind energy industry wants to produce more electricity more efficiently, and therefore constantly needs larger facilities. The installed capacity of wind power continues to grow throughout the world and as demand grows, Vestas is growing with it.

The decision for Lauchhammer was also made because of the expertise and the efficiency of the production there, the company said. The state of Brandenburg also promotes the qualification of the workforce. “Vestas’ decision sends a strong signal to the entire region,” says Steffen Kammradt, Managing Director of the Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation (WFBB), which is promoting the site on behalf of the state. “With the new rotor blade generation, Vestas is further expanding its successful activities in Brandenburg. This is a benefit for all – for the location, for the company and for the people employed by Vestas. We are pleased to support the company in this important project. Vestas is one of the industrial beacons in the federal state of Brandenburg. ”

Part of a wind turbine © Vestas