Brandenburg – Germany’s Capital Region Attracts Britons

Brandenburg, the economic and industrial belt around Berlin, has been a hit with British companies – such as Oxford Photovoltaics (PV). A total of 19 locations in Europe and the US had examined the technology company and then decided to start with the solar module development in Brandenburg.

December, 2018

“Here we could start immediately and did not have to spend millions on the equipment,” explains managing director Frank Averdunk. In addition, qualified staff was there, because in Brandenburg on the Havel previously Bosch had operated a solar cell production. Around two-thirds of the more than 30 engineers, operators and administrative staff of Oxford Photovoltaics worked previously with Bosch. Another reason for settling the production of novel thin-film PV cells in Brandenburg was the state funding of over 3 million euros. Oxford PV plans to invest a total of 30 million euros in the site over the course of three years. In doing so, the company relies on the material perovskite, which should achieve significantly higher efficiency compared to conventionally used silicon. In Brandenburg, this will be the world’s first pilot factory for perovskite solar cells.

With the settlement Oxford PV, a spinoff of the prestigious University of Oxford, counts to 12 international investors, who decided in 2018 to set up shop in Brandenburg. 4 companies alone come from Great Britain, which belongs to the top five of the international source regions for investments in Brandenburg. Switzerland was similarly strong in 2018. “Brandenburg is an attractive investment location, especially for international companies,” emphasizes the Managing Director of the Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation. Steffen Kammradt. The economic development corporation of the federal state has supported the establishment of Oxford PV. “Appropriate space and qualified specialists are the main topics for international investors besides the funding scheme. Brandenburg offers both as an industrial belt around the federal capital of Berlin, combined with the broad university landscape. Special service of the capital region: In Brandenburg, the economic and employment promotion is in one hand. This is unique in Germany and arouses interest in international location competition. ”

Berlin and Brandenburg together form the German capital region and thus one of the most dynamic economic areas in Europe. Germany’s capital region is almost as big as Belgium and has with its 6 million people more inhabitants than Denmark, Norway or Finland. Brandenburg with its spacious countryside and the capital Berlin as a metropolis complement each other in an ideal way.

The bulding of Oxford PV in Brandenburg an der Havel © Oxford PV