Niedersachsen´s Coast Attracts Major Investments

January 2020

China Logistics investing Euro 100 Mio in JadeWeserPort

China Logistics, one of China’s largest logistics companies, signed a leasehold contract for 20 hectares in the freight village (GVZ) of JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven on 20 February. By 2021 Germany’s only deep water container port will see the construction of the “China Logistics – Wilhelmshaven Hub” offering 40,000 m2 of hall space plus 110,000 m2 of open storage area for handling Chinese goods. A second building phase is planned for a further hall providing 20,000 m2 of space. The project has an overall investment volume of around Euro 100 million.

The signing of the leasehold contract between China Logistics and the state-owned JadeWeserPort Marketinggesellschaft is a major success for Wilhelmshaven. The planned investment by one of China’s largest logistics companies emphasises the international standing of JadeWeserPort and of Niedersachsen as a maritime location. The freight village directly adjacent to Germany’s only deep water container terminal offers ideal conditions for internationally active logistics companies. The decision by China Logistics for Wilhelmshaven will act as a signal for further settlements at the JadeWeserPort and also have positive effects for the line service at the Eurogate Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven.

The portfolio of goods to be handled at the “China Logistics-Wilhelmshaven Hub” will include the sectors automotive (main area), stone products for DIY markets, food and consumer goods imported to Wilhelmshaven for temporary storage and distribution. The long-term goal of the Chinese partner is to raise turnover to around TEU 100,000 per annum.

The decisive factor in the location choice was the availability of sufficient space in the vicinity of a seaport terminal plus existing development potential. Wilhelmshaven was not the only site considered by China Logistics managers, who also studied and evaluated other port locations in Europe, for example Antwerp.

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Titan Wind Energy acquires production facilities in Cuxhaven and moves into the offshore foundations market

Titan Wind Energy (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. today officially has acquired an Ambau GmbH facility in Cuxhaven in Germany. The acquisition is an important strategic step for Titan Wind Energy to expand its market position, by adding a new line of business, making foundations for offshore wind turbines and thereby enhance its global production capacity.

Titan Wind Energy is a global supplier of towers for onshore and offshore wind turbines, having its European headquarters in Varde, Denmark, under the name of Titan Wind Energy (Europe) A/S. The takeover of the facility will be through the newly established Titan Wind Energy (Germany) GmbH, and will be a 100% subsidiary to Titan Wind Energy (Europe) A/S.

With the acquisition of the Ambau facility in Cuxhaven, Titan Wind Energy now ventures into the market for offshore wind turbine foundations.

President of Titan Wind Energy (Europe) A/S Michael Buus Nielsen says “Ambau has been playing an important role of supplying foundations for offshore wind turbines in the North Sea area and has an ideal location for the future demand within the offshore wind industry”. Furthermore, he adds “With the experience from the facility in Cuxhaven and the many years of experience from tower production in Denmark, we will be able to utilize the synergies and knowhow to create a strong set up for the future”.

Ambau in Cuxhaven has mainly provided offshore products to the key players in the market and Titan will pursue to secure the future cooperation with key customers in the coming years demanding and expanding offshore market.

The state of Lower Saxony, the EU, and Cuxhavener Hafen Entwicklungsgesellschaft have invested more than 250 million euros in the port and onshore infrastructure of the Deutsches Offshore-Industrie-Zentrum Cuxhaven since 2006. The offshore industry’s investment in production facilities reached EUR 390 million by 2018.

In addition to its central location for the offshore wind farms in the North Sea, the Deutsches Offshore-Industrie-Zentrum presents its offshore and heavy-duty terminals right on the Elbe coastline, a multi-functional port, heavy-duty storage and logistics areas as well as RoRo ramps, and a 500-tonne gantry crane. Industrial and commercial sites near the port, a high level of maritime expertise and comprehensive measures in the area of professional qualification ensure an optimal basic structure for port and offshore industry activities at the Cuxhaven location.

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