Transparent Clothing

January 2020

Most people like buying clothing, but how many consumers really know everything about how their garments were produced?

Answering that question is what Retraced is about. The Düsseldorf start-up has developed an app to help clothing labels supervise their supply chains and offer their customers complete transparency.

Founders Lukas Plünder and Philipp Mayer explain how it works. “We find out who the suppliers are,” say Plünder and Mayer. “If a producer orders 1000 shirts, the material and thread suppliers have to confirm that they have received orders for the shirts. At every company there are people with our app on their smart phones fielding queries.”

The service is secured via blockchain, and Retraced also checks whether clothes are sustainably produced. Consumers can access this information in online shops or by using QR codes.
Retraced currently has three clothing labels as pilot clients and aims to work with 15 labels as of next year.

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