Two More Floating LNG Terminal Sites for Germany

July 2022

The German government has named Stade in Germany’s northwest and Lubmin in the northeast to host two gigantic ships that will help the country import liquid natural gas (LNG). It will replace supplies of non-liquid gas currently brought in from Russia.

The ships will be used for Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU) and will be operational late next year. They will complement the floating terminals currently being set up in Wilhelmshaven and Brunsbüttel. A private consortium will establish a fifth FSRU terminal in Lubmin by the end of this year.

The ships rented by the state all have a capacity of at least five million cubic meters of LNG per year.

“We have to build up a new infrastructure to replace Russian gas as quickly as possible,” said German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck. “So it’s very good news that a fifth private regasification ship is joining the four government vessels.”

Germany has been negotiating with Egypt to import significant quantities of LNG from Northern Africa. Germany is also planning to get more natural gas from Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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