US Food Delivery Service DoorDash Enters German Market

November 2021

Cyclists delivering food have become an everyday feature of German life, but the young man pedaling around on his DoorDash bike on November 20 in Stuttgart was anything but an ordinary courier. Andy Fang is one of the founders of the company, and he was taking the chance to get the lay of the land in the Southern German city, where the US-based firm has just begun its first EU operations.

DoorDash has been generating some immense waves in the sector of late, having announced a merger with Finnish delivery company Wolt and investing a nine-figure sum in German delivery firm Flink.

More and more companies are entering the food delivery sector in Germany, but DoorDash is the market leader in the US, and Fang thinks there’s plenty of room at the heart of Europe.

“We have the feeling that the German market is undersupplied,” Fang said in an interview published by various sources. “That is precisely why we find it so exciting here. 80 percent of the restaurants in Germany have never been listed on a delivery platform. That shows that the market is still in the early stages. There are many entrepreneurs looking to sell more online – DoorDash can be an opportunity for them.”

Fang added that the Stuttgart project was a trial balloon to test the German market as a whole, which promises huge turnover for companies able to unlock its potential.

“Germany is by far Europe’s largest B2C market with combined food and food service sales of around EUR 280 billion in 2020,” says Germany Trade & Invest food and nutrition expert Daniel Lindel. “Only a fraction of them are made online, but growth is strong, so there is still a lot of untapped potential. And during the corona pandemic, more and more customers have been enjoying home deliveries in order to reduce the social contacts of standing in supermarket lines or sitting in restaurants.”

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