American Video Streaming Player Coming to Germany

September 2021

US television aggregator Roku says it will be launching operations in the heart of Europe this fall. Its streaming players will offer content from German broadcasters along with Netflix, Amazon and Disney for the German market.

“There is a very big secular shift to streaming – that’s a trend that was accelerated last year by the pandemic,” Arthur van Rest, the executive leading Roku’s international expansion, told Reuters news agency. “TV and the way that it’s being consumed are shifting dramatically – and we are right at the heart of that.”

The estimated value of the German Streaming Video on Demand (SVoD) market for 2021 is nearly EUR 1.9 billion. That represents a 22 percent rise from the roughly EUR 1.5 billion taken in the previous year. Analysts expect 2020 revenues to nearly double by 2025, reaching EUR 2.94 billion. The number of users is expected to increase from 21.7 million to 27.6 million over that same period.

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