Using AI to Combat Office Drudgework

April 2021

Bureaucracy is the great enemy of both creativity and efficiency, but Berlin start-up Levity aims to lighten the load. The fledgling company uses artificial intelligence to take over the most mind-numbing office tasks.

Case in point: sorting and filing. Levity developed a customized AI tool for a hearing aid dealer to ensure that bills, orders, receipts and customer information automatically get stored in the right computer files.

“That saves the company employees between 15 and 20 percent of their work time,” Levity co-founder Thilo Hüllmann told business magazine Wirtschaftswoche.

Levity uses no code software, meaning that clients can modularly design their own applications without having to hire computer experts.

“Our focus is on medium-sized companies that want to automatize processes but don’t employ programmers and don’t want to spend money on IT service providers,” says Hüllmann.

Although only founded last year, Levity already has twelve employees and is registered in the United States as well as Germany.

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