Using AI to Overcome Renewable Energy Bureaucracy

March 2023

It can take months or even years in Germany to complete the paperwork demanded for connecting providers of renewably produced energy to the power grid. A stupid situation, many might say, but also one that a start-up claims can be smartened up by using artificial intelligence.

CarbonFreed from Meldorf in Germany’s windy north has come up with a system, called gridcert, to monitor what documentation has been submitted when and what is still outstanding, dramatically reducing the number of discussions and the interval between application and needed permits.

Since the company’s founding in 2020, CarbonFreed has worked on some 560 projects, 360 of which have been successful. The company hopes to expand to international markets in the years to come.

The core team of CarbonFreed (from the left): Samuel Voß, Marko Ibsch and Louisa Heinitz © CarbonFreed GmbH