Valuable Vegetables

September 2019

Fruit and vegetables don’t get any fresher than when they’re still growing. That’s the idea behind the hot Berlin start-up InFarm, which has come up with a technique to grow and not just sell fresh produce in supermarkets.

The plants are kept in a special nutritional solution in cooled glass cases, protected from negative external influences. Produce thus has to be neither transported nor stored.

Investors – including the venture capital provider Atomico – have financed Infarm to the tune of 100 million euros. Infarm cases can be found in 200 supermarkets and restaurants, and 150 wholesalers, in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France.

“People in Europe have increasingly high standards for nutrition,” says co-founder Osnat MIchaeli. “Quality has to be good, and production as sustainable as possible. We’ve found a technical solution for that.”

InFarm plants © Jan Zappner