Venture Visionaries

September 2019

Two of Germany’s hottest young entrepreneurs, Sebastian Pollok (33) and Robert Lacher (34), have joined forces to create a new enterprise with the modest name “Visionaries Club.”

It aims to hook up young founders of companies with already established start-up pioneers. The latter include Hakan Koc (Auto l), Johannes Reck (Get Your Guide), Dominik Richter (Hellofresh), Tarek Müller (About You), Florian Gschwandtner (Runtastic), Martin Sinner (Idealo) and Malte Siewert (Trivago).

The idea is that the successful entrepreneurs will assist their younger peers not only financially but also with advice.

“Visionaries Club brings together in uncomplicated fashion entrepreneurial minds from the world of digital start-ups and family businesses,” says Flixbus founder Daniel Krauss. “That sort of networking is valuable for all concerned.”

Robert Lacher (left), founder of Amaze and Sebastian Pollok, founder of Amorelie © Visionaries Club