Power Included

April 2019

We all know how frustrating it is to receive something in the mail and then not have the batteries to power it. The Volkswagen Group apparently does, too.

By 2025, the Group plans to sell more than 1 million electric vehicles per year. And as part of this e-mobility offensive, Germany’s biggest carmaker announced that it will also help create the infrastructure needed for a large number of electric vehicles by becoming a supplier of power from renewable sources, such as hydroelectric and wind power plants, some of which it will operate itself.

To do so, the Group is launching a new Berlin-based subsidiary – Elli (short for “electric life”) – which will provide green energy, smart charging solutions and an IT-based energy management system to businesses and private consumers. “We will be creating a seamless, sustainable ecosystem that addresses the main applications and provides answers to all the energy questions raised by electric car users and fleet operators,” designated Elli CEO Thorsten Nicklass said in a statement.

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