We Campus

September 2019

Automotive giant Volkswagen has established a think tank with a difference in the heart of Berlin, on Alexanderplatz square.

“We Campus” is intended give around 900 creative young VW minds the space they need to invent the next generation of intelligent cars. The new strategy also includes VW’s car-sharing project “We Drive” and its planned “We Deliver” service, which will see products brought to customers’ cars.

The initiative is part of what VW Chairman for Digital Cars and Services Christian Senger calls the company’s path toward becoming a “software-driven enterprise.” “We have to be the ones who develop software and set the standards for brands and suppliers,” Senger adds.

Until now, VW has developed only around 10 percent of its software in-house. The hope is that innovations forthcoming from the new campus will drive that proportion up to 60 percent.

“We Campus” in Berlin © Volkswagen AG