Wind to Hydrogen

October 2019

One challenge connected with wind energy is what to do when turbines produce more energy than grids can handle, leading to shutdowns. The Wind to Gas Energy company in Brunsbüttel, north of Hamburg, is devoted to addressing this problem.

The firm is creating new value chains for renewable energies by harnessing excess wind power to produce hydrogen, which can be used, for example, as fuel for automobiles. It’s part of an attempt by the company to see the bigger picture.

“A successful energy transition requires more than just expanding renewables. We are calling for a holistic view of the energy sector and especially mobility,” says Wind to Gas Energy co-CEO Hans-Reimer Thießen.

Thießen is considered a wind-energy pioneer and has been involved in the sector since the early 1990s.

© Wind to Gas Energy /Soenke Dwenger