Working Wunders

January 2020

Hamburg start-up Wunder Mobility has received 30 million dollars in Series B financing and thereby doubled its capital. The new funds come from venture capitalist Blumberg Capital and KCK.

“The fresh capital will allow us to strengthen our position as a leading international technology provider for new mobility concepts and to accelerate the transition to more sustainable mobility with cities, companies and start-ups,” said Gunnar Froh, Wunder Mobility founder and CEO.

Wunder’s technology helps companies, cities and communities implement sustainable and accessible mobility concepts.

2019, the firm launched Wunder City, which digitally documents, analyzes and plans new mobility services, and Wunder Park, which optimizes the use of parking space.

The fresh funds will be used to develop applications for rental car companies, expand the company’s team and establish a branch in Los Angeles.

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