Robotic Hospital Help

July 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has directed a spotlight on the need for hygiene, and nowhere is this more urgent than in hospitals. One way to ensure that health care facilities are properly disinfected without anyone catching diseases in the process is to use robots.

German robotics company InSystems , in cooperation with the Spanish company ASTI Mobile Robotics, has come up with precisely such a disinfecting robot system, with the firm telling Handelsblatt newspaper it received more than one hundred enquiries from hospitals in only four weeks.

There is precedent for the idea. The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) says that Chinese hospitals have ordered 2000 disinfection robots from a Danish manufacture. InSystems hopes to replicate that success with a robot called ZenZoe, which uses ultraviolet light to kill airborne and surface pathogens. The company says it is 99.99 percent effective.

The IFR predicts that international turnover of medical robots will more than double to 9.1 billion dollars by 2022.

“The robotics industry is one of the most innovative in the German mechanical engineering sector,” says Germany Trade & Invest robotics expert Claudia Grüne. “German OEMs number among the world’s leading R&A companies.”


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